Tres patitos y más canciones infantiles with animación – Spanish‍

Duration Language Age Quality Subtitles
1 h 15 min SPA 0-2 years Very Good No


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Colorful children´s songs with digital animation. A total of 75 minutes with the following songs: 00:04 Five Little Ducks 2:09 The Wheels on the Bus – Part 1 3:59 cakes, pancakes Hickory Dickory Dock 4:57 6:14 Old McDonald has a Farm – Part 1 July 27 BINGO 9:24 Five little monkeys – Part 1 11:19 13:47 No monsters Head, shoulders, knees and feet – Part 1 15:48 the wheels on the bus – Part 2 17:37 18:36 So Incy Wincy Spider it is like brushing their teeth 20:16 Estrellita, where are you? Humpty Dumpty 22:19 23:47 25:29 Mary has a little lamb Old McDonald has a Farm – Part 2 27:44 The song urinal 29:07 30:10 The family finger cats Song of 1-20 32:17 the wheels on the bus – Part 3 34:05 35:45 I wash my hands rain, rain, go away and 37:45 London bridge will fall 39:31 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive 40:50 The song of one to ten finger 43:49 42:51 Family Song of the colors of the rainbow 45:22 If you feel very happy, clap your hands! 47:13 The song of the 49:11 bus forms Wheels – Part 4 51:03 When I run flowers Three kittens 52:32 54:49 56:36 colorful train Tirintintín The cat and the fiddle 58:52 ten were in bed 1:01:16 the song sounds of animals 1:03:35 row, row, row your boat – Part 1 1:06:17 1:08:47 Five frogs, two, I tie the shoe 1:09:51 the wheels on the bus – Part 5 1:11:45 Bee Bee black sheep – Part 1 1:12:38 the old man playing a one

One clip has a time duration of 1 h 15 min and is produced with a Very Good Quality specially for children of the ages 0-2 years in Spanish language.

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