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Digitally animated characters with many children´s songs that will delight the little ones and small house thanks to the simplicity of music, letters and colors of the animation. Songs: 0:04 2:20 Three kittens song sounds of animals 4:40 6:21 Mary has a little lamb Bee Bee Black Sheep – Part 2 7:37 The song forms 9:35 cakes, pancakes 10_33 London Bridge is going to fall 12:19 Tirintintín the cat and the fiddle 14:34 song 1 to 10 16:35 17:57 potty song song of 1 to 20 20:05 This is how washing 21:44 the song teeth colors of the rainbow 23:16 old MacDonald has a farm 24:30 rain, rain, go and monsters 28:58 26:30 No the old man plays a one-31:45 1 2, 3, 4, 5, once caught a fish alive 33: Family finger 02 34:06 Ten cats in the bed 36:36 1, 2, I tie the shoe Humpty Dumpty 37:39 39:07 41:02 monitos Five colorful train 42:50 Estrellita, where are you? Five Little Ducks 46:58 44:53 Bus Wheels – Part 5 48:52 51:22 Five ranitas Merry Christmas to all

This video has a duration of 53 min and is created with a Very Good Quality specially for children of the ages 0-2 years in Spanish language.

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