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56 min SPA 0-4 years Very Good No


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Many songs from the Little Baby Bum series which will have a very fun time 00:04 cakes, pancakes 1:02 The Wheels on the Bus – Part 5 2:56 Grand Duke of York 4:12 Rema, rema, rema in your boat – Part 2 Hickory Dickory Dock 6:53 8:09 Oh, Lord, sun, yellow sun 9:53 song of 1 to 20 12:00 climbed the mountain bear 13:51 one potato, two potatoes 15: 47 No monsters 18:14 Tirintintín, the cat and the fiddle 20:29 Bee Bee Black Sheep – part 1 21:22 Estrellita, where are you? 23:25 This is how the teeth are washed 25:05 The song of the 27:02 bus forms Wheels – Part 6 29:00 Head, shoulders, knees, feet – Part 2 31:35 Five little monkeys – Part Feb. 33 48 BINGO 35:45 old MacDonald has a farm – Part 1 37:01 old MacDonald has a farm – Part 2 39:16 sounds animals 41:

Canciones infantiles

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