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A new episode that runs on a day with rain on the island of Saari. All you´re bored at home but Rikitiki comes home with umbrella and galoshes with invites Octopus, Pii and Buu to go out to play and have fun with the rain. Is an animated series Saari not spoken with a simple but motivating music for the little ones. They live on the island of Saari and is recommended by fostering values ​​such as respect and friendship series. It also serves to stimulate the musical ear.

A clip of the Saari and entitled: «Saari – A rainy day / Un día lluvioso. Episodio 3. – No language» which is cute for kids of from 0 to 4 years old and that with Very Good quality you can view it with your sons and daughters in Without Language.

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