Pica Pica – Popurrí de Goma nº 2 – Spanish

Duration Language Quality Subtitles
2 min 30 s SPA Very Good No

Another potpourri rubber (No.

2) of the «Pica Pica» with 3 songs of this well-known children´s group: Cleo Floor -Yes, yes´ In a bottle and here the complete lyrics of this potpourri of children´s songs: The farmer she told me: the farmer told me the other day saw a girl who bathed, who bathed by the beaches of Benidorm.

Chorus: Cleo floor, Cleo floor one and two, which one two bathed, who bathed by the beaches of Benidorm.

Yes, yes: Yes, yes I tell you in English.

Oui, oui I repeat you.

Piano, piano I tell you in Italian.

And how much I love you I tell you in Castilian.

In a bottle: inside a bottle in a bottle inside a bottle was a message written by her and the message read and the message said: I do not write more letters with many misspellings.