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A potpourri rocker 3 of the best-known songs of the «Pica Pica»? -A little pig. -A crazy -The Rock of Ovejita and here the complete letter: The little pig: a pig about to give birth, doctors and doctors with a scalpel but a doctor was wrong and went piggies dancing rock and roll. A crazy: A how crazy co, co wildly an old woman fell from the bike to the cha cha cha, cha cha cha to has fallen and has become a cha gap. Alirón (two claps) alirón (two claps) has fallen and has become a chichooón rock the ovejita: With the Rock, rock, rock of lamb, with rock, rock, rock the sheep. I, I, I have nothing you have three sheep in a cabin. A milk gives me another gives me wool another butter for the whole week. Woogie, woogie, ye, ye woogie, woogie, ye, ye woogie, woogie, ye, ye dances with rock ovejita PicaPica. Woogie, woogie, ye, ye woogie, woogie, ye, ye With ye, ye!

A nice clip of Pica Pica with a time length of 2 min 32 s that you can to see in Spanish language and that is recommended for boys and girls of thesame age range: from 0 to 4 years old.

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