Partes del cuerpo en inglés II / Inglés para niñas y niños with Mr. Pea – Spanish‍

Duration Language Age Quality Subtitles
3 min SPA 7 years Very Good No


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Still learning to name body parts English: Neck NECK … NECK SHOULDER Shoulder is said is said … Chest CHEST SHOULDER CHEST say … … Arm ARM ARM ELBOW Elbow is said is said .. .ELBOW Hand HAND say … … FINGER FINGER HAND Dedo Barriga said … BELLY BELLY said leg LEG LEG knee … … KNEE KNEE says is captioned say … FOOT FOOT toe tOE tOE is said …

A lovely video of Libro Mágico with a long of 3 min that you will be able to view in Spanish and that is appropiate for girls and boys of thesame age included: From 7 years old.

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