Las Canciones from la Granja de Zenón – Recopilatorio Canciones infantiles – Spanish‍

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A great compilation of children´s songs with interesting animations farm animals Zeno. Here all the songs you can find in this video compilation: 01. 02. Six ducklings Pata El Gallo and La Vaca Lola 03. 04. 05. Turuleca Gallina Dairy Cow Horse Green 07. 06. 08. Cow Lady Pepe toad 09. Pavo and Guan Susanita 11. 10. 12. Pajaritos Dancing Chicken amarillito 13. Rana 14. 15. Round rabbits Pollito Pio Crocki Crocki 17. 16. 18. Gata Gallina Pintadita 19. Miranda and Miron Incy Wincy 20. Spider

A clip has a duration of 44 min and is created with a Very Good Quality specially for boys and girls of the following ages 0-4 years in Spanish.

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