La Ruedas del Autobús y muchas más canciones infantiles – Spanish‍

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Surely you know this song and many more you can see in this video of almost 1 hour. Here are all the songs: 00:04 The Wheels on the Bus – Part 3 1:54 The Wheels on the Bus – Part 2 3:44 The Wheels on the Bus – Part 1 5:37 Five little monkeys – Version 1 7:27 Estrellita, ¿ Where are you? 9:34 Old McDonald has a farm – Version 1 10:49 If you feel very happy, clap your hands! Incy 12:40 13:43 Wincy Spider Bee Bee Black Sheep – Version 1 14:36 ​​Row, row, row your boat – Version 1 15:47 Ten in the bed 18:17 19:33 Hickory Dickory Dock Head, Shoulders , knees and feet finger 21:34 family BINGO 24:35 22:38 26:40 Five Little ducks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive Three kittens 30:15 27:58 Humpty Dumpty 31: 43 rain, rain, go and run Al 33:43 35:11 flowers song of 1 to 10 37:

A video has a long of 58 min and is produced with a Very Good Quality specially for boys and girls of thesame age included 0-4 years in Spanish.

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