Hazme un muñeco de nieve – Frozen – Spanish‍

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One of the most beautiful songs from the Disney movie «Frozen». Here his letter: ANNA: -¿Elsa? Make me a snowman Come, let´s play Now I can not see I know very well what could have happened? We were inseparable and now no No I fail to understand me a snowman or whatever, I do not care ELSA: Let me, Anna ANNA: Okay, bye me a snowman or see on bike ride I need company and Why to pictures and they have started talking Cheer up, Juana! I feel a bit lonely and I get bored and go -¿Elsa Looking hours? I know you´re in there People ask where you say try to have courage and I can not anymore, let me There´s nobody left us, just you and me now what will happen? Make me a snowman

A video of the Frozen and entitled: «Hazme un muñeco de nieve – Frozen – Spanish» which is pretty for children of from 4 to 7 years old and over and that with Very Good quality you will be able to see it with your sons and daughters in Spanish.

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