Frozen 2 – Official Trailer.

Today Walt Disney Animation Studios has launched the official trailer of the second part of one of the “Disney” most successful films in recent years: FROZEN..

This is a 2-minute video in which we can see some scenes of what will be “FROZEN 2” which will reach the screens in the United States the 22 November 2019 as a pre-Christmas that will be more than moviditas for all those who liked the story of Elsa, Anna and other characters of this great animated film. .

Ver trailer de la nueva película de Frozen

The film which hopes to surpass the 1st as the most blockbuster animated film of all time and, perhaps, also get the Oscar for the best animated film,repeats in its cast artistic and technique with Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck as directors and produced by Peter Vel Vecho with voces de Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad in its American version.

While we wait to be able to enjoy the 2nd part of Frozen, here we leave you with the ‘teaser‘ of what will be the new Disney movie.