Familia Telerín. Itsy Bitsy araña y más canciones infantiles. – Spanish‍

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Collection of children´s songs performed by Telerín among which is the well-known song «Itsy Bitsy Spider» with other songs, which here is the complete letter: Itsy Bitsy Spider was very thirsty Then came the water and took Cleo appeared and helped Itsy Bitsy, Itsy Bitsy Spider fearlessly learned. Itsy Bitsy Spider saw the water again but try to water down, Pelusín came and rescued Itsy Bitsy, Itsy Bitsy learned and tried again. Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed the glass, Itsy Bitsy Spider never hesitated, Itsy Bitsy Spider Itsy Bitsy tried again stumbled and Cuquín rescued her, yeah yeah yeah and gave him a hug Bitsy Spider Itsy he tried again. Itsy Bitsy Spider finally succeeded.

Very nice video for little girls and boys that wants to listen or learn Spanish and love Telerin Family’s videos.

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