Familia Telerín. Colección de Canciones infantiles. – Spanish‍

Duration Language Age Quality Subtitles
12 min SPA 0-4 years Very Good No


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A lot of children´s songs of the younger members of the family Telerín. Here are the songs that you will see in this video: – Come to Bed – An Elephant swung – like applauding – Cucu sang the Frog – Christmas song Christmas Shepherds to Bethlehem – Clap Your Hands – Family Telerín + Earth Hour 2016 – Family Telerín + Earth Hour 2015

A video of the Telerin Family and entitled: «Familia Telerín. Colección de Canciones infantiles. – Spanish» which is cute for kids of from 0 to 4 years old and that with Very Good quality you will be able to view it with your kids in Spanish.

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