Familia Telerín. Colección canciones. – Spanish‍

Duration Language Age Quality Subtitles
16 min SPA 2-4 years Very Good No


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Family mythical characters Telerín of Spanish Television: Cleo, Cuquín, Maripi, Pigtails, Teté and Pelusín posing with high-quality digitized both the visual and sound characters. The characters sing songs like: Under a button on the farm of my uncle, Pinpón is a doll, an elephant swung, cuckoo sang the frog, etc. while they are playing at home, producing a combination of colors, music and very appealing to the smaller house movement.

A good clip of Telerin Family with a duration of 16 min that you will be able to watch in Spanish language and that is perfect for boys and girls of theage groups: from 2 to 4 years old.

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