En mi coche me voy y muchas más canciones infantiles – Spanish‍

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53 min SPA 0-4 years Very Good No


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Can you imagine going to your car to travel the world and know everything? It goes to this video and enjoy the ride along with many other fun songs: 00:04 I´m in my car – Part 1 1:31 In my car I´m – Part 2 3:01´s raining, pouring rain 4:07 Grandma Azucena 5:41 Clean your room 7:23 9:53 No monsters little Sofia 11:26 the ants go marching one by one 13:08 the bear went over the mountain bath 14:58 16:43 the song bunnies dormilones 18:30 the wheels on the bus – Part 7 20:25 21:41 Easter Buns Polly has a muñequita 23:45 24:59 the farmer bear valley, bear 26:46 28:26 This little piggy Big and small 30: 12 colorful train wheels of the bus 32:01 – 33:57 Part 8 Opens and closes hear thunder 35:35 37:13 38:35 the shepherdess the song forms 40:34 hours song 42:

A video of the LittleBabyBum and with the title «En mi coche me voy y muchas más canciones infantiles – Spanish» that is nice for kids of from 0 to 4 years old and which with Very Good quality you can view it with your kids in Spanish language.

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