El clima en inglés / Inglés para niñas y niños with Mr. Pea – Spanish‍

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Want to learn to name the different weather events? This is your video. For sunny days … .SUNNY to use SUNNY cloudy … CLOUDY … .CLOUDY for foggy days … FOGGY … .FOGGY for snow days … SNOWY … .SNOWY for windy days … WINDY … .WINDY for days rAINY rAINY … rain … for stormy days … … sTORMY sTORMY for when it´s cold …. COLD … .COLD for hot temperatures: HOT … .HOT For when it´s freezing: FREEZING …. FREEZING

A video has a time duration of 3 min and is made with a Very Good Quality specially for children of theage included 4-7 years in Spanish.

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