Diez Autobuses y muchas más canciones infantiles – Spanish‍

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1 h 3 min SPA 0-4 years Very Good No


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Do we buses as we sing? Sharpen your voice because we started with this video full of good songs to enjoy you and the whole family: 00:04 Ten buses Bus 2:20 Wheels – Part 5 4:14 Estrellita, where are you? – The Prince and Star 6:22 7:41 Ten animals Bee Bee Black Sheep – Six ducklings Part 2 8:57 10:51 12:34 Ants Marching Five monsters 14:12 When I run 15:41 Duérmete flowers, 17:41 child farmer valley opens and closes 18:55 20:34 the sailor went to sea, sea, sea 22:14 Bingo – Part 2 24:32 27:03 Five Little monkeys Five little frogs – Part 2 29:16 Three kittens – Part 2 Easter Buns 31:30 32:46 34:33 Let´s swim I wash my hands 36:13 Estrellita, where are you? – Hong Kong 38:10 Grand Duke of York 39:26 If you feel very happy, clap your hands! – Part 2 The pastorcita 41:11 42: Sofia 44:06 33 Little Head, shoulders, knees, feet – Part 2 46:41 The colors and objects 47:56 Hello, hello! Jack and Jill 49:33 51:00 52:31 Eat more vegetables song bath Azucena 55:51 54:17 Grandma Ten blue bottles Chico 57:53 59:26 1:01:21 The winding the bobbin train the forms

A video has a duration of 1 h 3 min and is made with a Very Good Quality for kids of theage groups 0-4 years in Spanish language.

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