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When you feel sad, angry …? A video that collects small pieces of «Daniel Tiger» series in which you learn to understand the feelings with little songs but always having fun. 1-Excursion with Papa Tigre – 00:00 2-Visit the Crayola Factory – 1:44 3-Walk Bakery – 3:45 Imaginaria 4-visit to the beach – 5:57 5-Playing in the Castle prince Wednesday – 7:24 6- Fruit Collection Day – 9:06 7-Sleepover with friends – 10:55 8-Voting Neighborhood – 12:35 9-walk to the park – 14:52 10-picnic with friends – 16:31 11 Visit the Enchanted Garden – 18:20 12-Day Fruit Collection – 19:38 13-Walk to mail – 20:47 14-Visit to the Doctor – 15-Daniel 22:04 Angers – 16-Daniel 23:45 Help Catalina Gatita – 25:14 17 Daniel helps UO Owl – 26:

A video has a long of 47 min and is created with a Very Good Quality specially for children of thesame age included 2-7 years in Spanish.

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