Daniel Tigre – Descubriendo sentimientos y nuevas emociones – Compilación nº 2 – Spanish‍

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When you feel sad, angry …? A video that contains fragments of «Daniel Tiger» series in which you learn to understand the feelings with little songs but always having fun. 1-Daniel Angers – 00:00 2-Daniel Helps Catalina Gatita – 3-Daniel 1:31 UO Help Owl – 2:38 4-A friend wants to play with you – 4:19 5-Let´s talk about the new – 5:44 6-Search How to Play With All – 7:18 7-a doctor´s visit – 9:31 8-Pay Toys – 11:42 9-Te Quiero Mama – 12:20 10, the Nanny – 14:15 Playing without getting angry 11 – 12, 15:50 Friends help – 17:30 13-Catherine Angers – 19:24 14-Find Something Better – 21:20

Nice video for children that would like to listen and learn Spanish and appreciate Daniel Tigre’s clips.

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