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26 Christmas songs with animations of the Little Baby Bum sung by voices of children in English. Ideal for smaller and smaller house you can enjoy many Christmas characters while listening to the most popular Christmas songs. 00:04 Deck The Halls Christmas Is Magic 3:56 2:05 We Wish You a Merry Christmas Christmas Is Coming 5:26 8:07 10:04 Jingle Bells Hey Diddle Diddle 12:18 14:11 Star Light Star Bright Twinkle Teinkle Little Star – The Prince and The Star Baa Baa Black Sheep 16:19 – 17:35 Part 2 Song ABC Bubbles Rain Rain Go Away 19:38 21:37 23:38 1-10 Numbers Song Row Row Row Your Boat – Part 1 Wash Hands Song 24:48 26:28 28:15 Big And Small Sharing Song Of The Year Months 30:00 31:54 33:32 Hello Song Rock A Bye Baby Potty Song 35:31 36:52 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – India 38:

Jingle Bells Compilation part 2 LittleBabyBum – English» which is pretty for kids of All ages and which with Very Good quality you can view it with your sons and daughters in English language.

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