CantaJuego – CantaJuegos Volumen 6 Completo – Spanish

Duration Language Quality Subtitles
37 min SPA Very Good No

Collection of children´s songs in this volume Cantajuegos 6 including many household names of this Spanish children´s group has done and delights children in Spain and much of Latin America.

Here the songs you will see in this video: I am So I have a dairy cow was a big cat One, two and three Coco in the cave and Pepe in the mountains Cucu sang the Frog A sardine Anton Pirulero The Brujito of Gulubú The twist of the Buby food Squirrel Five Lobitos / Palmas Palmitas Here comes Mama Duck in a forest of China Birthday Clown Tallarín a great Anton Pirulero great birthday Remix Remix