CantaJuego – CantaJuegos Volumen 3 Full – Spanish‍

Duration Language Age Quality Subtitles
42 min SPA 0-4 years Very Good No


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A complete compilation with 17 songs of the famous CantaJuego: They say … I have a Pin casita Post´m sleeping Mane´s song Juan Epo A fly comes flying button Martin Well was once a plane Chata merengüela Never He saw El Sapo Pepe apple tree flourished no longer playing Toca and you´ll enjoy the tale of the Bremen Town musicians.

A cute video of CantaJuego with a time length of 42 min which you can to listen in Spanish language and that is perfect for girls and boys of thesame age included: from 0 to 4 years old.

The most famous kids' songs from CantaJuego


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