Cantajuego – Bailando with las manos / Recopilatorio Canciones Infantiles – Spanish‍

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A very special compilation in which add nonstop all those songs that reference Cantajuegos play, dance, move … hands. You Prepared? Are you ready.? Here all the songs collected in this children´s video: Potpourri hands Estrellita where you Wincy Spider This hand wants to play the clown Tallarín Chocolate Arramsamsam Sol solecito I I have a little house Epo The Mané Coco on its river That Apple no longer flourished Lito pollito Zapatero brick by brick farm land aria Pepito a sensational picnic Playing with hands

A very nice video of CantaJuego with a time length of 41 min that you can to watch in Spanish language and that is adapted for boys and girls of the following ages: from 0 to 4 years old.

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