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The songs of Queen always interpreted with sweet melodies for smaller and smaller home. They will get to know the songs that marked an era many and many of us and … Let the show go !! Here you can listen to the songs in this video: 1 – Somebody to love 00:00 2 – 3:35 Play the game 3 – One year of love 6:42 4 – Love of my life 10:17 5 – We are the champions 6 13:28 – 16:36 Bohemian rhapsody 7 – The words of love 19:54 8 – In seven days only 9 23:49 – 26:39 Jealousy 10 – Let me live 29:28 11 – 32:49 Save me 12 – Good old – fashioned lover boy 36:21 13 – Too much love will kill you 39:19

This clip has a duration of 43 min and is realized with a Good Quality specially for children of the ages 0-4 years in Without Language language.

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